• Where is Iconic ?

    The boutique is located at 74 boulevard Perier, 13008 Marseille.

    It is situated on the ground floor of a beautiful building in a stylish district of Marseille.

    To get there
    Parking Prado Périer, 20 allée Turcat Méry 13008 Marseille
    BUS : Ligne 41, 73, 74, 86 Arrêt Place Délibes.
    Métro Périer, ligne 2

  • When should I book an appointment ?

    We advise you to start trying on dresses 6 to 8 months before the date of your wedding. You then need to count around 4 months for your dress to be made. This time frame can vary depending on the designer, but it is important to leave a margin for any last-minute alterations.

    If you need your dress any earlier, it is possible; certain designers accept urgent orders for an additional fee.

  • What will happen at my appointment ?

    Your appointment will last around an hour and a half, and you will be welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee. We will discuss your wishes, your personality, the atmosphere of your wedding, and the things you like or don’t want at all. This will allow us to recommend the most suitable designs. If you don’t have a precise idea, don’t panic! We are there to guide you.

    And what if, after trying them on, you find the dress of your dreams? After a little glass of well-earned champagne to calm down after the excitement, it will be time to take all of your measurements to put the order in with the designer, so they can start making your dress.

    When your dress arrives, we will contact you for a final fitting. If it needs any alterations we get them done, and you will then be able to take your dress away!

  • Can I bring someone else ?

    Of course, but we recommend you don’t bring too many people. In fact, different people’s tastes tend to influence the bride-to-be.

    We recommend coming with the people who know you best

  • How should I prepare for my fittings ?

    Make sure you wear nude-coloured underwear, light make up so as not to damage the dresses, and shoes with a similar heel height to the ones you will wear on the day, so we can get the length right.

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